Earth Wind

by KuSSu


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NB! To be able to receive all weather data and enjoy full beauty of colours, this App needs powerful GPU (graphic processing unit) and fast internet speed!This is an animated map of global weather conditions and shows wind, temperature, air flow, air pressure...
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App start location can be saved through the menu.You can switch overlays by press "Earth" on screen.Map updates every three hours, showing near-current weather patterns worldwide. You can spin the map like a globe, zoom in on a particular region, or just soak in the oddly soothing sight of the neon lines steadily making their way across the globe. NB: If you think the winds are bad (strong) over land today, check out the ones sweeping across the seas.Try out the different heights (options) and overlay options (like temperature) and watch weather patterns around the world meld into each other and connect across continents.
You can use Menu by shake you phone!
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